Views Around Cuckfield


Non Such Cottage NonSuch Cottage is in Church Street.

Church Street is probably as old as Holy Trinity Church – 13th century.  There were cottages on both sides of the street but some were demolished in the late 19th century to make way for a new school together with playgrounds.

The White Hart The White Harte Inn is on the corner of South Street in Cuckfield. Parts of the White Hart have been dated at the beginning of the 13th Century. It has an imposing three-pronged chimney stack which sits above a timberframed, fish scale-tiled frontage. Below its pitched roof is an image of a white deer flanked by the numbers ‘1881’. Lettering also around the old sign includes ‘H’ and ‘W’ for the associated brewery (Hall and Woodhouse) and ‘Ye White Harte Inne’, its ancient and locally loved name. It is believed to be the oldest building now used as a public house.
South Street A view along South Street.
Cuckfield up the hill View up the hill from The Corner House .

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