Baptisms 1890 onwards


1892 (incomplete)
1899 (incomplete)
1911 (incomplete)
1913 (incomplete)

Jan 5th, 1890 Frederick son of Alfred Simmons, Whiteman’s Green
Jan 5th, 1890 William Percy son of Noah King
Jan 6th, 1890 Ivy Mary Ann daughter of Henry Hammond Burt, Barnsnape
Jan 5th, 1890 Maude son of Alfred Simmons, Whiteman’s Green
Feb 2nd, 1890 Ambrose son of James Streeter, Brook Street
Feb 2nd, 1890 Florence daughter of William Budgen, Naldred
Feb 2nd, 1890 Lilian daughter of James Finch, Brook Street
Mar 2nd, 1890 Thomas son of James Calder, Ridges
Mar 2nd, 1890 Eva Gertrude daughter of William Wells, Kings Head
Mar 2nd, 1890 Rose Gertrude daughter of Edgar Rowland
Mar 9th, 1890 Frances Barbara daughter of William Edward Mitchell
Mar 9th, 1890 Charles Edward son of Thomas Burtenshaw, Whiteman’s Green
Apr 6th, 1890 Sidney son of Charles Newman, Highlands
Apr 6th, 1890 Robert Henry son of Laban Jennings, Hatchgate
Apr 6th, 1890 Harold son of Jeremiah Robert Lingley, Harvest Hill
Apr 6th, 1890 Edith Ellen daughter of John Edward Hayward, Brook Street
Apr 6th, 1890 Loisa daughter of Edwin Etherton, Ansty Lane
Apr 7th, 1890 Caleb son of Caleb Stonor, Gas Works Lane
Apr 21th, 1890 William Albert son of Edward Packham, Ansty
May 4th, 1890 Harry son of Walter John Lander, Whiteman’s Green
May 4th, 1890 Millicent Jane daughter of James Lawry, Ansty
June 1st, 1890 Elizabeth daughter of John Walter Rogers, Brook Street
June 1st, 1890 Ellen Florence daughter of Charles Wynter
June 1st, 1890 Henry Frank son of Frederick Hughes, Jubilee Cottages
June 1st, 1890 William Philip son of James Wood, Attrees
June 1st, 1890 Allan Peter son of John Bristow, Hilders
July 6th, 1890 Mary daughter of Thomas Portway, Wanstead
July 6th, 1890 Elsie daughter of Joseph Selsby, Clayton
July 6th, 1890 William son of William Thompson Fox
July 16th, 1890 Hilda Constance Sara daughter of Richard Rainshaw Rothwell
August 1st, 1890 John son of Charles Newnham, Whiteman’s Green
Aug 3rd, 1890 Charles Ernest son of Henry Selsby, Brook Street
Aug 3rd, 1890 Ivy Eliza daughter of George Edwin Pinkett
Aug 31st, 1890 Merton Beckwith son of Beckwith Smith, Heaslands
Sept 6th, 1890 Harold Martyn son of Alfred Ernest Wells, M.D.
Sept 7th, 1890 Frederick George son of Edward Carey, Naldrett
Sept 7th, 1890 Beatrice Margaret daughter of Walter John Ledigo, Hatchland
Sept 7th, 1890 Maggie Ethel daughter of William John Bates, Marshalls’ Terrace
Oct 12th, 1890 Edwin son of Thomas Wilce, Lower Laines
Nov 2nd, 1890 Dorothea Frances daughter of George Woolgar
Nov 2nd, 1890 Albert Cyril son of Albert Neale
Nov 8th, 1890 Arthur son of Stephen Pierce
Dec 7th, 1890 Ethel Frances daughter of William Mitchell, Suggworths
Dec 7th, 1890 Emily Gertrude daughter of George Henry ?eard, Brainsmead
Dec 22nd, 1890 Violet daughter of Henry Hammond Burt, Barnsnape
Jan 6th, 1891 Lionel Francis son of Montague Turner
Jan 26th, 1891 Walter Noel son of Walter Edward Ashford, Harvest Hill
Mar 1, 1891 Reginald Arthur Alexander son of Leon Alexander Pierre
Mar 1, 1891 Arthur Thomas son of William Murrell
Mar 1, 1891 James son of Ernest Rowland
Mar 1, 1891 Frederick William son of Thomas Mockett
Mar 1, 1891 Gertude Daisy daughter of James Brookshaw, Brook Street
Mar 1, 1891 Mary Ann daughter of James Ede, Brook Street
Apr 6, 1891 Henry McGeorge son of the late Charles Mitchell
Apr 6, 1891 Harriet Annie daughter of Joohn Holden, Mill Hall
Apr 6, 1891 Emily Blanche daughter of Edmind Rowland
Apr 25, 1891 Julia daughter of A.E. Wells, MD
May 3, 1891 Arthur Robert son of Frederick William Mitchell
May 3, 1891 Frederick son of John Mason, Wyllies
May 6, 1891 Frances Gertrude daughter of Stephen Knight
June 7, 1891 Leonard Thomas son of Thomas Pennifold
June 7, 1891 George son of Edward Packham
June 7, 1891 Cynthia Violet daughter of Joseph Coning
June 23, 1891 Harry Stanley son of George Jones
July 5, 1891 Eric James son of Abraham Hillman
July 5, 1891 Beatrice Mary daughter of Caleb Stoner
July 5, 1891 Fanny Edith daughter of Albert Wallis, Bridge Farm
July 9, 1891 Edith Kate daughter of Alfred Markwick
August 2, 1891 Mabel Sarah daughter of Thomas Burtenshaw
August 2, 1891 Phyllis Gordon daughter of William Edward Mitchell
August 2, 1891 Ellen daughter of Thomas William Davey, Holmbush
August 2, 1891 Horace son of Ambrose Upton, Ansty
Sept 6, 1891 Frederick James son of James Lewry, Ansty
Sept 6, 1891 William Morrison son of James Calder, Naldred
Sept 21 1891 Frances Kate daughter of William Brookshaw
Sept 29, 1891 Alice Mary daughter of Charles Joseph Hill
Oct 4, 1891 Dorothy daughter of Ernest George Groom, Broxmead
Oct 4, 1891 Harry Reginald son of Harry Elmer
Oct 4, 1891 Ethel Beatrice daughter of Arthur Raymond Stoner
Nov 1, 1891 George son of William Gibson, Harradines
Nov 1, 1891 George Alfred son of Howard Godsmark, Jubilee Cottages
Nov 1, 1891 Edgar Claud son of Alfred George Burtenshaw, Brainesmead
Nov 1, 1891 Lucy daughter of Edward Beesley
Nov 1, 1891 Ethel daughter of William Fennell, Whiteman’s Green
Dec 6, 1891 Alice Marian daughter of James Box
Dec 6, 1891 Olive Maud daughter of John Bramsden
Dec 6, 1891 Margaret Louisa daughter of John Bristow, Hilders
Dec 6 1891 Adelaide Connolly Sophia daughter of William Henry Cowland
Dec 6, 1891 Mabel Louisa daughter of Frederick Hughes, Hatchgate
Dec 6, 1891 Ellen Eva daughter of Laban Jennings
Dec 21, 1891 Henry son of Henry Thomas King
Dec 28, 1891 Archibald Robertson son of Stephen Pierce
Jan 3rd, 1892 Muriel Georgie Beckwith daughter of Beckwith Smith, Heaselands
Jan 3rd, 1892 Harry William son of Henry Bowell
Jan 8th, 1892 Kathleen Beryl daughter of George Fisher Parker, Hill Brow
Feb 7th, 1892 John Raymond son of William Burtenshaw
Feb 7th, 1892 Fanny Louisa daughter of Edward Everest
Feb 7th, 1892 Edith Anne daughter of George Rist
Feb, 10th, 1892 Owen Henry son of William Godsmark
Feb, 20th, 1892 Ernest son of Charles Henry, Ansty
Mar 2nd, 1892 Ellen daughter of James Finch, Brook Street
Mar 6th, 1892 Mabel Rose daughter of Henry French, High Bridge
Mar 7th, 1892 Arthur Edward son of George William Cook of Whiteman’s Green
April 3rd, 1892 Walter son of Thomas Chatfield, Staplefield
Apr 3rd, 1892 Elizabeth Mary daughter of Walter Ashford, Harvest Hill
Apr 3rd, 1892 Olive daughter of Charles Newnham, Highlands
June 5th, 1892 Louisa Alice daughter of Henry Sayers, Brook Street
June 5th, 1892 Mabel daughter of Thomas Young, Ansty
June 5th, 1892 Fanny daughter of Walter Thomas Vaughan, Lodge Farm
June 5th, 1892 Albert John son of Walter Thomas Vaughan, Lodge Farm
June 5th, 1892 Frederick son of James Streeter, Ansty
June 25th, 1892 Mabel daughter of William Burster, Mallions
July 3rd, 1892 Frederick son of Alfred Simmons, Whiteman’s Green
July 3rd, 1892 James David son of James Brookshaw, West Street
July 18th, 1892 Henry Bailey son of Frederick Sargent, Payne’s Cottages
July 25th, 1892 Clement Harold James son of Charles Avery
Aug 1st, 1892 Walter Herbert son of George Edwin Pinkett, Jubilee Cottages
Aug 7th, 1892 Barnabas Edward James son of George Barnett, Broad Street
Aug 7th, 1892 Charles Thomas son of Richard Payne, Homestall
Aug 7th, 1892 Sophie Field sdaughter of Reuben John Henty, Slough Green
Aug 7th 1892 Harriett daughter of Edward Vine, Gasworks Lane
Aug 23rd, 1892 Muriel Janet daughter of Robert Davidson, Clock House
Sept 4th, 1892 Ernest Charles son of Michael Botting, Brook Street
Sept 4th, 1892 Dorothy Mary son of Albert Godsmark, Ansty
Sept 13th, 1892 Alice Kate daughter of Thomas Portway, Wanstead
Sept 24th, 1892 Prudence Ida Evelyn daughter of Charles Warden Sergison, Cuckfield Park
Sept 29th, 1892 Frederick William son of Thomas Edward Butler
Oct 2nd Catherine Jane daughter of Thomas Burtenshaw
Oct 5th Edward Ernest son of James Edward Schofield
Oct 5th Annie Kate daughter of James Edward Scholfield
Oct 27th Harold Stanley son of Leon Alexander Pierre
Nov 1st Kate daughter of William Holden, Whiteman’s Green
Nov 6th Kate daughter of James Bristow, Lindfield
Nov 6th Arthur Edward son of Henry Selsby, Brook Street
17th Lily Amelia daughter of George Henry Beard
Nov 23rd Dorothy daughter of Alfred Ernest Wells, M.D.
Nov 23rd Phyllis Joan daughter of Francis John Henry Lascelles, Rosedale Abbey
Nov 30th Jessie Hammon daughter of Henry Hammond Burt, Barnsnape
Nov 30th Isabella Rose daughter of Albert Bennett, Cleaver’s Lane
Dec 3rd, 1899 Arthur Rupus son of Alfred Bristow
Dec 3rd, 1899 William Thomas son of Thomas Miles, Heaselands
Dec 3rd, 1899 Albert Sydney son of Walter Short, Stroods
Dec 3rd, 1899 Bessie daughter of Jesse Hayler, West Hoathly
Dec 30th, 1899 Lily daughter of Horace Knight, Oaklands
Jan 7th, 1900 Herbert William son of William Bredin, M.A., Tyler’s Green
Jan 7th, 1900 Ellen Agnes Mary daughter of George Constable
Jan 9th, 1900 Margery daughter of Rubens Thomas Anscombe
Feb 2nd, 1900 Henry John Anthony son of John Audley Thicknesse, Lieutenant Somerset L.I.
Feb 4th, 1900 Sydney Edward son of Samuel Bourne, Tyler’s Green
Feb 4th, 1900 Robert George son of George Baker, Maltman’s
Feb 23rd, 1900 Louise Florence daughter of Charles Henley, Ansty
Feb 25th, 1900 Frederick son of Charles Henley, Ansty
March 4th, 1900 Alice Elizabeth daughter of James Henry Towner
April 1st, 1900 Nellie daughter of Peter Gander, Whiteman’s Green
May 6th, 1900 Mildred Elizabeth daughter of Frank Webber, Hardings
May 6th, 1900 Ethel Maude daughter of George Henry Beard, Whiteman’s Green
May 6th, 1900 Lily Winifred daughter of Edgar Botting, Whiteman’s Green
May 6th, 1900 Edith Ellen daughter of Henry Frank Botting, Inholmes
May 6th, 1900 Edith daughter of John Brookshaw, Little London Lane
May 6th, 1900 Albert son of Edward Beesley
May 6th, 1900 William Robert son of William James May, Long Acre
May 6th, 1900 Daisy Pretoria daughter of George Henry Rowland
June 3rd, 1900 Ernest Thomas son of Thomas Austin, Boxmoor
June 3rd, 1900 Ernest son of James Leggatt, Naldred
June 3rd, 1900 Emily daughter of Edwin Henty, Ansty
June 21st, 1900 Walter George Sewell son of Walter Whitting, Ashenground
July 1st, 1900 Ethel daughter of Caleb and Sarah Stoner, Ansty
July 1st, 1900 Marjorie Eileen daughter of Claude and Augusta Rowland, Broad Street
July 1st, 1900 Hilda Eliza daughter of William Arthur and Frances Elizabeth Brookshaw, High Street
July 19th, 1900 Frederick son of Frederick and Margaret Butler, Beech Farm
Aug 4th, 1900 William Ernest son of Arthur Mays
July 2nd, 1911 William Henry son of Frank John and Alice Cleaver
June 26th, 1913 Lilian Mary daughter of Frank John and Alice Cleaver

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