Baptisms 1700s






1700/1 and 1701
1701/2 and 1702 (incomplete)
1735 (incomplete)
1788 (incomplete)
1789 (incomplete)
1790 (incomplete)
1794 (incomplete)
1795 (incomplete)
1797 (incomplete)
1798 (incomplete)
1799 (incomplete)

May 3rd, 1700 John son of Sarah Peters (almswoman), bastard child. born about 6 yrs before
May 9th, 1700 John son of Thomas Wilson (farmer) & Elner, his wife of Keymer, born 25 April
May 21st, 1700 Mary daughter of Edward Bedell, labourer, and Elizabeth, his wife, born 3rd May
May 29th, 1700 Elizabeth daughter of Thomas Herriot, farmer and Mary, his wife, born 13 May
June 7th, 1700 Richard son of Thomas Button, almsman and Elizabeth, his wife
June 10th, 1700 Walter son of John Simon, day labourer and Elizabeth his wife, born 2nd
June 19th, 1700 An daughter of Richard Elliot, day labourer and Ann, his wife, born 7th
July 12th, 1700 Walter son of Richard Burt, taner and Martha his wife, born June 16th
July 28th, 1700 John son of John Gander, day labourer and Mary his wife, poor, born 7th
Aug 3rd, 1700 Thomas son of Thomas Burtenshaw, yeo and Elizabeth his wife, born 31st July
Aug 6th, 1700 Jacob son of Jacob Stones, victualler and Mary his wife, born July 21st
Aug 21st, 1700 Francis son of John Warden, jentleman & Hope, his wife, born 15th
Aug 28th, 1700 Michael son of John Mitchell, almsman, & Margaret, his wife
Aug 28th, 1700 John son of Jacob Holford, butcher, & Elizabeth, his wife, born 18th
Sep 20th, 1700 Anthony son of John Taylor, taylor, & Elizabeth, his wife, born Aug 20th
Sep 10th, 1700 I had notice of widow Lambeth of Branbridge had a child christened at Balcombe about 3 weeks before
Oct 2nd, 1700 Richard son of George Atgates, yeoman & Elizabeth his wife, born 13th
Nov 6th, 1700 John son of John Gallard, carpenter, poor, & Mary his wife, born Sept
Nov 12th, 1700 Mary daughter of John Wood, laber?, poor, & Elizabeth, his wife, born 9th
Dec 6th, 1700 Hannah daughter of Frederick French, lab, poor, & Mary, his wife, born in September
Dec 9th, 1700 Mary daughter of John Farncomb, farmer, & Mary, his wife.son of George, yeoman & Elizabeth his wife, born 13th
Dec 18th, 1700 Richard son of Tho. Norris, Mason, & Catherine, his wife
1700/1 and 1701
Jan 3rd, 1700/1 Mary daughter of Richard Ashfield, laber? & Elizabeth his wife, born 13th Dec
Jan 7th, 1700/1 John son of William Anscomb, farmer & Anne, his wife, born 31 Dec
Jan 7th, 1700/1 Anne we had intelligence that Ann Bedle, daughter of William Bedell of this parish, farmer, was born Nov 8th 1700. Baptised at Slaugham
Jan 8th, 1700/1 Mary and Elizabeth twin daughters of John Stamer, carpenter & Ann his wife. Born 7th day
Jan 23rd, 1700/1 James son of John Holms, farmer, & Susana, his wife. Born 12th Jan Dec
Jan 31st, 1700/1 Jane daughter of Thomas Gearing, farmer, & Ann his wife, of Keymer, parish, born 16 Jan
Feb 13th, 1700/1 Jones William James had a child born 7th November
Feb 23rd, 1700/1 Nye James had a child born and baptised at Slaugham
Feb 26th, 1700/1 Sanders William, s of Rich, bucketmaker, & Eliz his wife, born 29th Jan
Feb 27th, 1700/1 Warden Thomas, s of Thomas, mercer, & Prudence his wife, born 29th Jan
Feb, 28th, 1700/1 Tilt Mary, d of Thomas & Susanah his wife, born 21st Jan
Mar 3rd, 1700/1 Chatfield Ann, d of Rob, yeoman, & Catheriine his wife, born 20th Feb
Mar 4th, 1700/1 Haselgrove Jane, d of Rich,& Jane his wife, born 2nd Feb
Mar 4th, 1700/1 Green Elizabeth, d of John, gunsmith, & Sarah,his wife, born 24th Feb
Mar 8th, 1700/1 Swain John, s of John, mercer, & Elizabeth,his wife, born same day
Mar 14th, 1700/1 Potter John, s of John, farmer, & Elizabeth,his wife, born 18th Feb
Mar 21st, 1700/1 Savage Mary, d of Charles, yeoman, & Mary,his wife, born 10th March
Mar 26th, 1701 Gander Richard, s of Rich daylaber, & Susannah, his wife, born 12th March
Mar 27th, 1701 Ives Elizabeth, d of Tho. yeoman, & Jane, his wife, born 12th March
Mar 30th, 1701 Stanbridge Jane, d of Edward, carpenter, & Jane his wife, born 18th March
May 29th, 1701 Potter Mary, d. of Francis, poor man, & Eliz his wife, born 1st May
June 4th, 1701 Gillam Mary, d. of Richard, day laber, & Mary his wife, born May
June 30th, 1701 Humphry James, s. of Henry, laber, & Mary his wife, born 2nd June
July 3rd, 1701 Pearl James, s. of Thomas, miller, & An his wife, born 17th Nov 1700
July 4th, 1701 Comper Catherine, d. of William, laber, & Eliz his wife, born 7th April
July 6th, 1701 Smith Ann, d. of Thomas, laber, & Ann his wife, born 8th June
July 9th, 1701 White Richard, s. of Rich., farmer, & Grace his wife, born 5th
Aug 3rd, 1701 Osburn Mary, d. of John, day laberer of Keymer parish, & Jane his wife, born 13th July
Aug 5th, 1701 Edwards Mary, d. of Edward, day laberer of Keymer parish, & Mary his wife, born 10th June
Sep 19th, 1701 Chatfield Anne, d. of Edwrd, carpenter, & Eliz his wife, born 8th
Sep 20th, 1701 Halcomb Jane, d. of Tho., farmer, & Eliz his wife, born 2nd Aug and christened at Slaugham
Oct 28th, 1701 Robrough George, s. of William, officer of excise duty, & Carolina, his wife. Born and christened the same day.
Oct 29th, 1701 Elliot Hugh, s. of John, poor, & Mary, his wife. Born 14th.
Nov 4th, 1701 Staning Rebecca, d. of John, butcher, & Rebecca, his wife. Born 29th August.
Nov 7th, 1701 Haysman John, s. of John, farmer, & Sarah, his wife. Born 3 October.
Nov 23rd, 1701 Vans Charles, s. of Thos. farmer, & Sarah, his wife.
1701/2 and 1702
Jan 1st, 1701/2 Banister Susanna, d. of Wm, farmer, & Susanna, his wife.
Jan 6th, 1701/2 Bodel Elizabeth, d. of Edw., day labrr, & Eliz., his wife. Born 14 Dec.
Jan 9th, 1701/2 Mitchell Sarah, d. of George, day labrr, & Susanna., his wife.
Feb 17th, 1701/2 Parsons Jane, d. of Allen, taylor, & Jane, his wife.
Feb 27th, 1701/2 Lock Constance, d. of Andrew, shoemaker, & Constance, his wife. Born same day
Mar 11th, 1701/2 Virgoe Edward, s. of Edward, Attorney at law, & Hannah, his wife. Born 3rd
Mar 13th, 1701/2 Burtenshaw John, s. of John, day labrr, & Eliz., his wife. Born 1st
Mar 19th, 1701/2 Purvey Elizabeth, s. of Edward, day labrr, & Eliz., his wife. Born Feb 22nd
Mar 27th, 1702 Green John, s. of John, gunsmith, & Sarah, his wife. Born 9th
Mar 27th, 1702 Sarah, d. of John, day labrr, & Mary, his wife. Born 16th


April 8th, 1735 John son of John and Eliz. Short
April 16th, 1735 Anne daugh of Robert and Mary Field
April 20th, 1735 John son of Edward and Mary Hubbard
May 4th, 1735 Grace Daugh of John and Mary Gander
May 18th, 1735 Jane Daugh of Rich’d and Hannah Nye
May 18th, 1735 Thos son of George and Mary Mitchell
June 4th, 1735 Elizabeth dau of Thos and Anne Purser
June 29th, 1735 John Son of John and Elizabeth Gallard
July 6th, 1735 William Son of Thos and Anne Stearly
July 13th, 1735 Mary Daugh of Will and Elizabeth Picknald
July 20th, 1735 Mary Daugh of John and Anne Wornam
July 27th, 1735 Susanna Daugh of John and Mary Skinner
Aug 3rd, 1735 James son of James and Lucy Smith
Aug 3rd, 1735 Edward son of George and Ann West
Aug 17th, 1735 Elizabeth Daugh of John and Mary Huggett


Jan 4th, 1788 Catharine daughter of Sir John and Lady Ann Hales
Jan 6th, 1788 Thomas son of Thomas and Sarah Cook
Jan 6th, 1788 Nanny daughter of Henry and Nanny Mason
Jan 13th, 1788 Thomas son of John and Sarah Barnet
Jan 13th, 1788 Amy daughter of Thomas and Sarah Davy
Jan 20th, 1788 Elizabeth daughter of Allen and Mary Anscombe
Jan 28th, 1788 James son of Henry and Mary Jefferies
Feb 3rd, 1788 Charlotte daughter of John and Betty Coomber
Feb 3rd, 1788 Thomas son of John and Ann Green
Feb 17th, 1788 Mary daughter of Stephen and Ann Rawstrig
Mar 16th, 1788 Elizabeth daughter of Samuel and Mary Juniper
Mar 23rd, 1788 Elizabeth daughter of James and Ann Nye
Mar 30th, 1788 Robert son of Harry and Ann Packham
April 13th, 1788 John son of William and Mary Thomas
April 27th, 1788 John son of John and Ann Betts
June 7th, 1788 Thomas baseborn son of Mary Comber reputed son of Thomas Croucher


January 4th, 1789 Charles son of Edward and Ann Mitchell
January 11th, 1789 Mary daur of John and Sarah Izzard
January 18th, 1789 Mary daur of John and Jane (?)Reeves
January 25th, 1789 Charlotte daur ofJohn and Sarah Weller
January 25th, 1789 Mary daur of William and Hannah Reeve
February 6th, 1789 Edward son of Edward and Ann (?)Tich—–
March 1st, 1789 James son of Charles and Elizabeth Cox
March 1st, 1789 Elizabeth daur of Thomas and Ann Packham
March 8th, 1789 Thomas son of George and Jane Tasker
March 13th, 1789 William son of John and Sarah Juniper
March 15th, 1789 Phoebe daur of William and Sarah Streater
June 7th, 1789 Matthew son of Thomas and Sarah Tester
Oct 1st, 1789 Charles son of Antony and Ann Upton
May 30th, 1790 Elizabeth daughter of William and Mary Upton
June 20th, 1790 Sarah daughter of Charles and Sarah
Aug 10th, 1790 Richard son of Thomas and Ann Croucher
January 12th, 1794 Susanna daughter of James and Sarah Rowland, pauper
April 27th, 1794 Jane daughter of William and Ann Vaughan
June 14th, 1795 Ann daughter of William and Jane Anscomb
July 12th, 1795 John son of Antony and Ann Upton
Sept 13th, 1795 Edward son of James and Sarah Anscombe
June 11th, 1797 William son of Antony and Ann Upton
Aug 6th, 1797 James son of William and Mary Upton
October 14th, 1798 Jane dau of James and Sarah Rowland
Mar 10th, 1799 Mary daughter of Antony and Ann Upton
Mar 10th, 1799 Mary daughter of John and Elizabeth Croucher
Nov 10th, 1799 Phoebe daughter of James and Mary Croucher

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