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I am looking for information about the family name Knight in Cuckfield.  1800’s Birth of George Knight, deceased around 1855. George Knight married Mary Purser in 1832 in Cuckfield.
They had several Children: (wanted to verify) if anyone has any more information.

Matilda Knight born March 10, 1833 Cuckfield
Susanna Knight (Hibbert) Jan 4, 1835 cuckfield
John Knight April 29, 1838 Cuckfield
Mary Knight August 16, 1840 Cuckfield ??? (Wood) or was it 1831?
Lydia Knight (Hughes) May 7 1943
Edward Arthur Knight Born March 7, 1847 – died 1886 Cuckfield Sussex.

Looking for information/family tree’s regarding Edward Arthur Knight’s children.
Edward Arthur Knight (1847-1886) had 3 children with Mary Matilda Mitchell (1833) (Most of all would love to know my Grandfather’s sister’s and brother’s names & birthdates).
Son – John Edward Knight; son – that emigrated to Canada (Vancouver); daughter – that emigrated to the USA.

My grandfather was his son John Edward Knight.
Part of his obituary:

Knight- Passed away November 30, 1942, John Edward Knight, in his 62nd year, late of 1357 Gordon Avenue, West Vancouver.
The deceased attended the Duke of York School and was a Company Sgt-Major of the 4th Battalion. Survived by his loving Wife, three daughters and two sons. Also one brother in Vancouver; one sister in the USA.

I am looking fo details relating to the Henley family who lived in and around Cuckfield.
The earliest Henley I have found was Thomas Henley born in 1723 who married Abigail Juniper in 1752. Their children Abigail married Richard Wooliven and Thomas married Mary Holman. Thomas Henley Jnr married Emmy Tester and their children include Richard Henley and Elizabeth Budgen.
Any details about the family from 1700 to the 1900 would be very interesting.

Any further info would be very welcome.

 I am interested in a George Hall who lived at Whitemans Green c1809. He was born in 1788 and is listed in the 1841 census but not the one in 1851. He was a stonemason – I suspect he may have been quarry manager for the quarries opposite his home – in what is now the recreation park.

I am also interested in the Leneys for 1800 – 1850, especially Isaac who lived close by George Hall at Whitemans Green in Jenners Yard. Anyone know what business the Yard was engaged in? There were other Leneys too including the cordwainer (shoemaker) near Cuckfield Church.

Any further info would be very welcome.

 I am searching for information about Edward Greenfield, born 1707, Rudgwick, Sussex, England. Father Samuel Greenfield. Wife’s name Mary. Four sons, Richard, Edward, John and Samuel, born between 1738 – 1744. Would love to find out more about Thomas S. and family.  Also wonder what happened to the children.Any information would be appreciated.  Kathy
 I am trying to learn more about the Woolgar’s that lived in and around Cuckfield.
Thomas S. Woolgar (b. 1811 – possibly in Tudely) married Esther (b. 1833 in Bolney, Sussex).  Not sure her maiden name.
They had 6 children and lived in Cuckfield and eventually may have moved to Kent. 
Their children:  George (b. 1857), Mary Ann (b. 1864), Ellen, Allen Thomas, Florence, and Samuel (b. 1871).

Would love to find out more about Thomas S. and family.  Also wonder what happened to the children.
Any information would be appreciated. 

I am searching for information about my maternal grandmother, Kathleen Stanford. As my mother, Muriel Stanford, was fostered by the midwife who delivered her in Brighton in 1926, and later adopted by her in 1933, I know next to nothing about Kathleen, or of her family tree.
The only information I have is from my mother’s birth certificate of April 1926, where it states that Kathleen Stanford was a barmaid at the King’s Head Hotel at Cuckfield at that time. Having no knowledge of her age at that time, I have been unable to narrow my searches beyond about 6 Kathleen Stanfords who would have been of child-rearing age in 1926 and local to the South East.
Any information which might assist my search would be very gratefully received.
I am trying to find if James Victor Blake whose death reg in Cuckfield in June Q 1977 is a “missing” relative of my husband. I wondered if there would be a death notice for him which could indicate a marriage that I could follow up on to see who his father was. Rosemary
I am trying to trace my relations who lived in either Sydney farm, or Sydnye ( census spelling) farm in Cuckfield.
The family name was Scutt, and the head of the family was John Scutt, farm bailiff, in 1881.
Any info on this, or indeed any info on Mackrells farm with Mr and Mrs Thompson, in the 1950s would be gratefully received.
I am researching my family tree of the Michells of Cuckfield from 1279ad and information would much be appreciated. The tree starts with a Richard Mychell of Lower Moonhill (1279). We were contacted with the manor of Ockenden, Sidnye, Tyes and the surrounding areas…. Earl W de Michel
I am researching my Great Grandfather Mr Frederick Pickard born in Berwick 1888 married Ethel Frances Stanford in 1911…but they seperated in about 1928. it is possible that he died in Cuckfield in about 1969 would anyone have any more details on this person, I live in Ireland which makes it impossible for me to visit any graves and do the research that i need in person. Linda
I am looking for information in regards to a family member, Esther Moore who was a resident in 1881 age 49. Any info you can send me would be greatly appreciated. Father – John Moore; Mother – Charlotte Rosanne
I am researching the family of William Small born c1691 in Cuckfield, he was married to Mary Bennett Born 1st June 1695 in Lewes. The marriage date was 1st November 1716,i have details of their 5 children But my brickwall is with Willam Small`s parents , Any information about them would be most helpful. Tony
My great great Grandfather John May of East Mascalls (1851 ) had two children Caleb and Agness. They emigrated to Australia in 1854. John was married to Margaret Brooks who died around 1847. She was born in Chailey, and I believe John May was also born in Chailey or Cuckfield. Relatives were last heard of as living in Cuckfield, but the last letter referring to them was received in 1914. Anyone interested in these two families or having information about them? I would be very grateful to hear from you. Frances
I am currently investigating my family history and I am hoping that you can point me in the right direction to continue my research. I have discovered my great-grandma and her immediate family were born and married and Cuckfield. Her name was Kathleen Flora Joyce Richardson, I believe she was born 12th December 1915. I have so far found evidence of two marriages in Cuckfield, becoming Kathleen F J Winter in 1934 and then Stace in 1948. Can you help please? Jen
I am researching the Knight family. My father was Stephen Bernard Knight Clark. His mother, my grandmother, was Florence Elizabeth Knight, born 1878, one of several children of Stephen Knight and Emma Mummery who lived at Brocketts, Whiteman’s Green, Cuckfield. I have been on line to West Sussex Archives and read about all the Stephen Knights from 1776 to1969 so now I am interested to find out more beyond 1969. Can you give me any further information about the Knight family? Rosie
I would be grateful to hear from anyone who is researching the Tester name, in particular wish to find out more about Thomas Tester landlord of the Rose & Crown, Cuckfield 1819-1890, married to Jane Weaver and their descendants. Many thanks. Fay
Recently discovered that my Murrell ancestors may have come from Cuckfield. Charles Teeling Murrell may have been born there c1804 and married an Elizabeth Lewis (born c1815). Their son was George Murrell who was born c1852. He emigrated to Australia and married here. Any info would be greatly appreciated.. Jane
I am trying to trace details of Walter Woble in Cuckfield in about 1820-30. I believe his father was a William Noble, mother a Charlotte Noble. William was a farmer who died about of his son,s Horace Noble had a fair sized farm in Cuckfield in 1880 about 250 achres Michael
I’m researching my Great Grandmother, Dora Robinson, who died at 41 High Street, Cuckfield in November 1914. The current 41 High Street is Marshall Terrace – but I’m not sure this was 41 High Street in 1914. Does anyone have an old town map, or know anything about this address? Dora (who was shipped back from India where my Great Grandfather was serving in the Army) would have come to Cuckfield to be near Clara and William Garlick (whose daughter, Elizabeth, married into the Keep family). In 1911, the Garlicks were living in Dunsfold House, and in 1901 in Brainsmead. Dora may also have returned with my Grandfather, George Robinson (b1911) and his sister Clara (b1909). Any help gratefully received! Kate
I am researching my family history in Cuckfield, my gg grandfather Charles NEWNHAM owned a bootmakers shop in the HIgh street 1889 – 1939 ish and I am interested to find out more about him and the family. Kim
I am trying to track down either Sam Waller’s descendants or Alice Richardson’s. Any info, please? Nicky
George Henry Lade b.dec qtr 1915 to George Henry Lade and Florence Lillian Burchell. Florence was his first wife who died in 1918, his second wife (my grandmother) would not allow this child to live with them and so I presume another member of the Burchell took the child in and adopted him. As there is only my mother alive now and she doesn’t know what happened. Your help would be appreciated. Sita
I am searching for information about John Ogle who died 16-3-1903 at Burgess Hill aged 90. John Ogle, was the former headmaster of St. Clare, Sevenoaks. Your help would be appreciated. Mark
I believe the Mitchells have a long history in the Cuckfield area dating back to the 1600’s. Apparently two brothers came from Scotland to settle in Cuckfield and Slaugham. Any info would be appreciated. Peter
An ancestor of mine, Thomas Tester, was the landlord of the Rose & Crown during the 1860s and 1870s. There used to be an old photograph hanging in the pub that showed it before 1882. I know it was taken before that date, because the house to the immediate south, between the Rose & Crown and London Lane, was not shown. Instead there was a barn like building with notices on the front advertising services like, “Wheelwright, Carriage repairs”. I can’t remember exactly. There were also three figures in the photo one of whom may be Thomas. Unfortunately the management of the pub changed last November and the photograph has gone. If anyone knows where I can get a scan or print of such a photograph I would be extremely grateful. Gavin
I am in Australia and trying to research my family tree. Albert Bleach my great grandfather (although I think he went by the name of Thomas, he married Sarah Jane Baker) he was born Church Street Cuckfield 3 feb 1867, his parents were William Bleach and Sarah Dobson (m 16 Feb 1860) who in 1881 lived at 49 High Street, Sergisons Cottage. Prior to that 100 Chuch St, and when they were first married they lived 167 Back lane. (their children were Alice, Ellen, Arthur, Edith, Albert, Charlie, William) William’s parents were Henry & Sarah ? and they lived 71 Church Street in 1851. (Henry & Sarah’s children were Jesse, William, Peter, Faith, Henry, Benjamin and Jonathon). I would love to hear from anyone who is related or knows anything about the Bleach’s of Cuckfield. Jackie
I am researching my family history and have discovered my great grandfather, Cecil Waring lived in Cuckfield in the late 1930’s/1940’s, and owned the hunting rights to the woods/lakes of Cuckfield House. He was the first Commanding Officer of the first Home Guard Battle Training School to be established in this country – in Cuckfield. He was also a highly decorated officer from WW1 but was known to have thrown his medals (and collected weapons) into a lake at Cuckfield Place. I would dearly love to find out more about his life in Cuckfield. Nathan
As a child I used to go on holidays to Macrells farm, a small cottage way out of the village, run by Mrs Thompson, and her husband ( Badger). We had to go to a well for the water, across fields, and there was a river nearby. There was also a swimming pool, which had been abandoned, where we had great fun with the dogs. The cottage is still standing, but pool long gone.Has anyone any history on the cottage, or pool, or Mrs Thompson. “Badger” had a heart attack in the cottage, and died there, and I think she went to live as Matron in a college in Seaford. John
I am researching the UPTON family, which is hard to do from Australia. MY gggrandfather was Richard UPTON , b.1806, d.1877 who married his house keeper Ann HOLDEN, b.1824, d.1901. I think Richard had been married before and together he and Ann had 8 children, of which Alfred William is my main interest John
Robert Stenning born Cuckfield Sussex about 1790 onwards married to Mary Allen born 1788 at Portsea. Hamps. daughter of Robert and Mary Allen of Portsea. Both Robert and Mary were mentioned in her Fathers Will 1835 that is how I know he was a Thatcher, after that no further info Joan
I am interested in family history and have discovered that I am related to two old Cuckfield families. Interestingly, two of my Gt-Gt-Gt-Aunts married prominent Gents from Cuckfield. The first was Margaretta Eleanora (called Marella) Williams who married Faulkner Best in 1804. He owned the Talbot Hotel and farmed 250 acres. Their son Thomas Williams Best inherited the Talbot, and also owned the Dolphin Brewery, The King’s head and later was Chairman of the Gas works. He lived at Harvest Hill, and his daughter had St. John’s Church built at Ansty in his (and her mother’s) memory. Marella’s younger sister Bridget Williams married Attorney Samuel Waller in 1819 at Cuckfield. They had homes in Cuckfied, Brighton and London, as well as the Grassland Estate at Balcombe. They had two children: Frederick became an Attorney and QC; Louisa married RN Capt. Edw. Maunsell and had a daughter Alice who married Thomas M. M. Wilde, 3rd Baron Truro of Bowes. I would be interested to know of any people who are interested in these families to swop information. I have not managed to find Marella’s date of death and cannot find it in the registers, but suppose it to be between 1826 and 1840. There are also stained glass windows and an organ in Holy Trinity which are supposed to have been donated by members of these families. has anyone got more info about this? Thanks, Richard Crowe (descendent of Anna Eliza Williams) Richard
Am searching info on the Tiltman family who lived in Cuckfield around 1580 – 1620. John Tiltman married Annis Burlie? in 1608. Any ideas on where to go next. Am interested in their ancestry and where they lived. Allie
I am interested in any one who has any knowledge of the familys of SAYERS also BRYER who lived at IRON PEAR TREE COTTAGES Cuckfield around 1900 many thanks. Diane
I am trying to research my family tree and would be very grateful if anyone with any information regarding the EDE family would contact me. In particular JAMES EDE married a MARY ANN CHILDS in about 1871 and went on to have my great grandfather JAMES EDE in 1881.
Thomas Forwood is our first known family member and Mercy, his daughter, was until now unknown. She was apprenticed in June 1613 and Thomas was given as her father. I am interested in all Forwood and variants.
A webpage for The Forwood Family Worldwide is here
I’d like to trace the MITTON family; I have conections back as far as 1625. I understand that Mytten is a street name in Cuckfield and I would be glad to receive any historical information about this. Lorri
I’d like to trace any of the GURR RIDLEY family from the 1900s. John and Ivy Gurr had lived at Siney Cottages in Cuckfield Road in the 30s and later moved to the Windsor area. Their parents were George Gurr aka Ridley and he was a cowman on farm. Frederick Gurr was a bricklayer from the Forest Row area born 1880s. Any information would be gratefully received. Rick Gurr
The 1881 census showed my grandfather living at 6 Clifton Terrace, Cuckfield, but i cant find Clifton Terrace on the current map. Can you throw any light on what happened to this particular terrace Jim Harmes
I am researching Samuel White who was a Solicitor?s Clerk lodging at the home of the Elliot?s in Cuckfield in the 1851 census ? where he is described as Samuel White (Junior). Later that same year he married Mahala Anscombe, daughter of Joseph Anscombe, ironmonger and carpenter of Cuckfield. Samuel went on to live in Hurstpierpoint where he became the Relieving Officer and Registrar. However I can?t find Samuel?s birth or his parents? marriage. He always says in all the censuses that he was born in Plymouth, Devon, but I cannot find him there. His father was also Samuel White a yeoman. Any help would be appreciated, e.g. a yeoman Samuel White living in Sussex.? Graham
I am trying to trace my relatives whom I believe lived in Cuckfield in the early 1800s. William Streeter was my great, great grandfather who was born in 1805 and died in the Cuckfield Union Workhouse in 1881. He was married to Ann and they had six children: John b1829, William b1832, Ambrose b1834, Harriet b1841, James b1845 (my great grandfather who’s buried in Dukinfield) and Ann b1847. I would be grateful if anyone living in Cuckfield could provide me with any information, on the Streeters I have mentioned and any present day descendants. Michael
Thomas William Vaughan born abt 1846 married Mary Marten born abt 1855. They were living in Cuckfield according to the 1881 census but where were they living before that date? Maureen
I wonder if anyone can help me trace the Cleaver family who moved to Cuckfield circa 1895? My great grandfather John Cleaver who was a Groom / Domestic died in 1914 and his wife Mary Ann died in October 1941. Both are buried in Cuckfield Churchyard. They had seven children; Kate, Lily, Frank, Arthur, Ernest, Horace and Edith (my grand mother b 1896) and lived in Bedlam Cottage which still exists. Kate and Frank were both married in Cuckfield and I know that several children were born between 1910 and 1920 but I don’t yet know who their parents were. Their names are: Lilian, Edith, Jim. William, Barbara, Emmy and Frank. I keep the Cleaver name going as it’s my middle name! If you have information about any of the Cleavers I’d be very pleased to hear from you. Paul
The above properties were used as schools for deaf children from 1938 till 1947 and 1948 till 1995 respectively. As a former deaf pupil, I am researching for a book about these schools and their founder Miss Mary S. Corbishley. I’d like any useful information about the history of Cuckfield House (previously called Leyton House) and Mill Hall from around mid-1850 onwards, please. Ian
Could anyone help me with the history of the house called ‘Old Furnace’ in Copyhold Lane? My grandmother (Amy Selina Pennifold) was born there in 1888. Obviously, because of the name of the house, the area must have had some connection with the local Iron Industry but can anyone tell me a bit more? At the time of her birth who owned the land around there? How many cottages were there? Were they all occupied by workers from the local farms etc.? I would be very grateful if anyone could help me with this. Thank you.. Sally
I am trying to trace my Dumsday line which I have recently found came at some time from Cuckfield. Thomas Edward Dumsday gives his place of birth as Cuckfield in the 1871 census. By that time he was living in Croydon Surrey. I should like to trace the Dumsday line back from Thomas but at this point have had no luck. I believe that he was born circa 1810. Jayne
I have started to look into my family genealogy SARGENT. I think I have traced my Grandfather Henry Bailey 1892 and his mother, Emily Bailey 1867. Henry had a brother (William) and sister (Emily) that I am keen to track. Roy
Researching the family of Frances Grace GOLD nee HAYLER born circa 1895 John
I am researching our family which lived in the Cuckfield area since 1524. I amd most interested in any information on a farm called MIZBROOKS, I have found 2 houses of that name, both look to be of the same age. The Burtenshaws lived in MIZBROOKS for at least 150 years, during the late 1500s and the 1600s. It appears that MIZBROOKS may have been called Westbrooks first as the land discriptions seem to be the same. Also has anyone heard of HEVARD as I can not trace anything on this property at all. Any help on all of the above would be most appreciated. Other properties that the Burtenshaws lived in are CLEAVES HOUSE, VYNALLS/VINALLS, SNELS/SNUELS, WHITE HOUSE, RIDDENS, RIDGES, MORRES/MORRICES, MOONHILL. Brenda
Searching for Gatland information and the history of the Gatland Clock. Maggie
I am researching my Cuckfield ancestors William WOOD and Harriet HILANDS who were married about 1837 and who had two children ELIZA (born about 1837) and WILLIAM h. (born 2 August, 1839) before the family emigrated to Canada in about 1840. Any information on either of these families is very appreciated. Lisa
My maternal grandparents, James CAMAC and Hannah Mabel strong>ANGEL were married at Cuckfield Parish Church on 26 September 1895. The bride’s father was Henry ANGEL was a butler. Gordon
Has anyone any information about Meadfoot, Cuckfield during WW2. It was taken over by the Congregation of Virgo Fidelis Convent, Upper Norwood, London SE19 whilst their building was occupied by the Army. The pupils were evacuated down to Meadfoot. Adele
Both my sons were born in Cuckfield hospital in the 1970s and I would be most interested to learn the history on the old Hospital. John
I have found out that my Great Great Grandfather Thomas BUDGEN was married to Esther FARLEY in the Cuckfield Parish Church on Nov 18th 1848 by T Astley Maberly. Thomas’ father was Obadiah BUDGEN. Any further information would be appreciated. Cyril
I am researching my family tree and have been informed that we have the name Whiteman in the family and that a Whiteman Green was named after them in Sussex. My mother has always believed this green was either in Ditchling, Keymer, Hassocks or Clayton but I can only find yours. The whiteman’s are also linked to the Clayton windmills but I believe it was to the mill that was on the site before Jack and Jill and that they owned a lot of land. They may be connected to the name Pollard however I am having no luck in finding any evidence of any of this being true.I was hoping you could provide me with any information regarding the Whiteman’s Green as to how it became named as such. Lisa
I am researching the DENMAN family of Cuckfield, Wivelsfield & Lindfield England. My ggg grandparents were Michael Denman & Judith Shaw. They were married in the early 1800’s. One of their sons, Jesse, who was my gg grandfather came to the states in 1850/53. They had children christened in Wivelsfield: Sarah – 1823, Jane – 1827, Elizabeth – 1827, Maria – 1830, Jesse – 1832, Ellen – 1834. Any information on this family would be greatly appreciated. Rosalyn
My grandad was born Donald Richardson 13 Nov 1921, in Cuckfield. I cannot find any information on his mother or father other than that his mother was called Lydia Richardson and lived at 29 South St, Cuckfield and worked as a china shop assistant around 1921 time. Any info would be much appreciated. My grandad was also known as Brigden and his mother is written as Brigden and not Richardson on my grandads army papers. Any help would be very much appreciated, thankyou. Katrina
My great-grandfather was Peter ROSS b. 1844 in Cuckfield Sussex. He married in Mere Wiltshire, and there is no evidence of the Ross family in the 1851 Census living in Sussex. Can anyone help me on this one? Hope to hear from somebody. Thank you. Sheila
My gg grandfather William Ernest YOUNG moved with his family from Buckinghamshire in the early part of the 20th century to Sussex. One of his daughters,Elsie YOUNG gave brth to my mother in 1924 at Hook Place Cottage, Cuckfield RDC according to her birth certificate. I have recently discovered that there is a Hook Place between Burgess Hill and Cuckfield and that it is now a Pentecostal Bible College. They confirm that there is a Hook Place Cottage within the grounds. What was Hook Placed in the 1920s, who lived there and if there were any farms attached to the estate. (My gg grandfather was a farmer in Bucks.) I have seen a map of the area from 1870 but Hook Place does not appear on it. Could it have been known by another name then? Also if anyone knows of the YOUNG family or its descendents. I do not know much about them as my Mother was not brought up by the family but was fostered out and brought up in Essex. I do not know that the family must have moved from Hook Place and were living in Park Road, Burgess Hill in late 40s – mid 50s and then some of them moved onto Brighton. Clive
I am looking for anyone who is related to Peter GANDER who is buried in the Cuckfield Cemetery with his wife. I am his "on the other side of the blanket" Grandson. My real father was Charlie GANDER, whose brother Dennis GANDER, of which I am named, was killed on High Bridge with his father Frank, whilst going to work one Febuary morning. They were on a motor cycle and colided with a lorry on the bridge, it was a foggy morning. Frank was driving the motor bike and Dennis was pillion passenger. Frank died at the scene and Dennis died in King Edward Hospital in Haywards Heath the same day 9th Feb 1938. Dennis
Between 1939 and 1945 we lived in an old house between Whiteman’s Green and Slough Green, at that time it was divided into two and called "Old Beech Cottages". About 14 years ago I saw it for sale in a Country Life magazine as a Jacobean farmhouse. I would like to find out about its history I suppose it is fairly obvious that it had something to do with the iron industry what I would now recognise as two defunct hammer pondsclose and "Furnace and Ordnance Cottages" not too far away. My brother was born there after an air raid in December 1940, much was made of this event as not only was he the first child to be born there for a number of years but a boy. Perhaps there is someone in the village who can supply some information about the house which sheltered us safely during the blitz in spite of it being wartime we were very happy there. Phyllis
We’ve learned that our Gatlin ancestors came from the Cuckfield area, more specifically Pilstye. We believe that the Gatlins lived there from the 1200’s to the 1800’s when a Mr. Cherry brought the property. We’d be interested in hearing from you if you know anything about this area/village. Bill & Maggie
Nahomi Vincent was my great grandmother. She was born in Cuckfield on 28 April 1850. Her parents were William Vincent and Louisa formerly Johnson. She married Gaius Winchester and moved to Dallington. The 1881 census shows William and Louisa Vincent living at Upper Common, Black House, Cuckfield aged 71 and 657 with their son James who was then a widower. The census shows that Louisa was born in Cuckfield and William in St Johns. Her ancestors were Richard Vincent born 1713 in Bolney Sussex, his wife Catherine Crispe born 1717 in Bolney and John Weekes born 1715 in Cowfold, his wife Sarah Gratwick born 1718 also in Cowfold Andy
I am searching for a Home Child sent to Canada in 1888. His name was James Henry Beatie (or Beattie, Beatty), also known as Henry Beatie, and his Marchmont records list him as Henry Wellesley Beatty. The records state he was born in 1874 and was from Cuckfield. I assume from Cuckfield Workhouse. He was not in the 1881 census at Cuckfield. I have been thinking that Wellesley was his father’s surname and his mother was not married. The records state that "father a gentleman and mother a servant". Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated. Sheila
Searching for information on Mark Lelliott, his wife Sarah and son William Ralph Lelliott. I believe Mark was the brother of my great grandfather Luke Lelliott of Southwater, formerly of Henfield? Malcolm
I am trying to find out about my great-grandfather’s marriage which took place in Cuckfield in the second quarter of 1882. He was George Bonham and he married Jeanine Wilson from Edinburgh. George was Catholic. Patti
I am looking for offspring of Peter Backshall born 1847 in Ardingly. Son of Henry and Lydia Backshall born in the same area, listed as Cuckfield on the central register. Julie
I am trying for find out more about my great grandfather George Smith Waller who was born illegitimately in Cuckfield workhouse on 23/9/1861. His mother was Eliza Waller and I believe his father to be George Smith born 1842 in Ditchling. Leslie
I am looking for Henry Gurr. He was born in Fletching and for much of his life was a carrier between Maresfield and Lewes. He died in 1886 in the Cookfield Workhouse having been lodging with a family nearby named Corke at Ardingly. If you learn anything about dear old Henry, who seems to have had a dark side to his character, please contact me. Neil
I am interested in anything to do with the strong>Philpott family who lived in Siren Cottages, Broad Street, Cuckfield from 1903. Robert Henry Philpott (born Lindfield 1873 and died Cuckfield 1935) was a blacksmith/engineer and his wife was Fanny Elizabeth Philpott (died Cuckfield 1956). Their children, my father – Charles Henry(born 1904), Arthur Howard (born 1906) and Marjorie (born 1908, died 1918). I am particularly interested in the younger lives of Charles and Arthur and where they went after Cuckfield. My father never told me anything about his family so I have reached my brickwall. Sally
My great great grandfather Herbert Billinghurst was born 21 June 1840. His birth was registered at Lindfield by his mother Mary Ann Billinghurst, of Lindfield. On the census of 1841 he is listed at Plummerden Cottage, Lindfield age one, along with Ann Healsey or Herlsey age 40, who is head of the household. Also present are three other females with surname Healsey or Hersley, presumably Ann’s daughters. These are Ann age 20, Sarah age 15 and Elizabeth age 10. Herbert Billinghurst next appears in the minutes of the guardians of Cuckfield workhouse dated 9 December 1842 and 8 December 1843. In both cases his mother is named as Mary Ann Billinghurst and his father as Albert Winser, a watchmaker from Brighton. The minutes concern Albert Winser’s failure to pay for his illegitimate son who was in the Cuckfield Workhouse. I think Albert Winser was born at Ticehurst in 1821 and that his parents lived at Horsted Keynes for a time. The next record I have for Herbert Billinghurst is of his marriage to Ann Rapley on 10 March 1865 at Kirdford. Herbet later served as a seaman aboard the royal yacht "Victoria & Albert" and lived with his family in Portsea, Hants. Any information about any of these families mentioned would be most useful Diana
Does anyone have any information about Selina Elizabeth Philpott who was admitted to the Cuckfield Union and died there as a patient in 1935. Also her sister Ada L Philpott who was in a mental home near Brighton. Both sisters were born in Brighton. Bob
Looking for information on my ancestors, Martin, Philip, and John de Wyrtleford, who were land owners in Cuckfield and Bolney in the 13th century, They quarrelled a lot with their vicar, in 1291 Philip charged William de Stanes and others with assaulting, beating, and wounding. In 1294 the vicar was sentenced to three years imprisonment in Guildford, but was actually confined from February to June, also in 1291 Matilda, wife of Martin de Wyrtleford, brought an action against John de Wyrtleford for her dowry, which consisted of the third of nine houses, 105 acres of land, four of marsh, six of pasture, and one of wood in cokefeld ( Cuckfield ), besides more in Bolney. In 1308 Philip has a dispute with Walter Fryday over twelve acres of land. Robert
I am researching my husbands Grandfather and have not had much success as yet, can anyone out there give me any information??? ALBERT EDWARD JAMES born 21st September 1869 married ELIZABETH MCVEIGH 13th November 1890 at Fleetwood Lancaster. Died December 1960. Buried Chichester. They had four daughters Mary, Phyllis, Hilda and Alice. Albert served with the Royal Sussex Reg. in India. He enlisted in Royal Sussex Reg. 1887. Discharged 18th April 1920. Brother HARRY JAMES. Witness at marriage MINNIE JAMES. If you are researching I would be delighted to hear from you. June

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