Marriages 1880 onwards





1888 (incomplete)
1891 (incomplete)


Feb 24th, 1880 John Jupp, bachelor of this parish Florence Ann Norton Banham, spinster of this parish
Feb 24th, 1880 Oliver Weston, of Brighton, widower Catherine Funnell, of Cuckfield, widow
Mar 21st, 1880 Laban Jennings, widower,of Cuckfield Mary Ann Saunders, spinster,of Cuckfield
May 1st, 1880 Warden Henry Starley of Cuckfield Alice Gryner of Cuckfield
May 1st, 1880 George Frederick Ruewell of Cuckfield Mary Ann Selsby of Cuckfield
Aug 16th, 1880 Jabez John Russell, bachelor, of the parish of Eastbourne Emily Jane Nicholas, spinster, of the parish of Cuckfield
Aug 18th, 1880 Walter Arthur Latham, bachelor, of Cuckfield Selina Lingley, spinster, of Cuckfield
Sept 11th, 1880 Ebenezer Ewens of Cuckfield Emily Frost of Cuckfield
Sept 14th, 1880 Reuben Drury of Portslade by Sea Mary Upton of Cuckfield
Oct 2nd, 1880 George Simmons, bachelor, gardener, Cuckfield Jane Dolman, spinster, Cuckfield
Oct 17th, 1880 Jesse Mitchell, bachelor, labourer, Cuckfield Hope Curd, spinster, Cuckfield
Nov 13th, 1880 William Burt, bachelor, labourer, Cuckfield Elizabeth Steadman, spinster, Cuckfield
Dec 9th, 1880 John Packham of Cuckfield Emma Caffyn of Cuckfield
Dec 12th, 1880 Harry Saunders of Cuckfield Harriet Williams of Cuckfield
Dec 18th, 1880 William Attree of Cuckfield Sarah Eliza Perry of Haywards Heath


Jan 2nd, 1881 William Blades, of Saltburn Elizabeth Sarah Russell, of Cuckfield
May 14th, 1881 William Burster, bachelor of Cuckfield Caroline Peacock, spinster of Haywards Heath
May 23rd, 1881 Edmund Hearsey, bachelor of Cuckfield Ellen Lander, spinster of Cuckfield
June 11th, 1881 Thomas Green, bachelor of St Wilfred’s Constance Clara Sayers, spinster of Cuckfield
July 16th, 1881 Thomas Jennings, bachelor of Balcombe Sarah Agnes Selbsby, spinster of Cuckfield
Nov 26th, 1881 Isaac Croucher, widower of Cuckfield Esther Faulkner, spinster of Cuckfield
Dec 9th, 1881 Harry Philip Mills, bachelor Minnie Leppard, spinster of Cuckfield
Dec 17th, 1881 Robert Inglis, widower Sarah Richmond, widow
Feb 11th, 1882 Henry Marchant Emily Gasson
Feb 15th, 1882 Frank Lemmon Sarah Caffyn
Feb 20th, 1882 George Rist Louisa Thorpe
Mar 4th, 1882 Alfred Goddard Phoebe Elizabeth Partridge
Dec 3rd, 1882 George Murrell Eliza Mary Tulett
Dec 23rd, 1882 Stephen Sayers Jane Bryer
Jan 14th, 1883 George Dean Jane Mitchell Mercer
March 10th, 1883 Harry Sayers Jane French
April 14th, 1883 Albert Talmey Lucy Streeter
April 28th, 1883 William Holden Martha Auga Chilcott
June 9th, 1883 Phillip Green Alice Sophia Burtenshaw
June 28th, 1883 James Dalmon Emily Stovell
July 1st, 1883 George Packham Elizabeth Sparshott
July 21st, 1883 Edwin Norris Lucy Owen
Aug 4th, 1883 Harry King, batchelor of Cuckfield Louisa Sayers, spinster, Cuckfield
Oct 1st, 1883 William Backshall Jane Norris
Oct 2nd, 1883 Henry Howell Florence Godsmark
Oct 18th, 1883 William Jennings Alice Susannah Dinnage
Oct 18th, 1883 Benjamin Backshall Fanny Henley
Nov 24th, 1883 William Longhurst Esther Packham
July 14th, 1888 At Selsey Alfred Simmonds and Emily Smith
Aug 7th, 1888 John Francis Breton, of Streatham Emma Mitchell
Sept 15th, 1888 William Edward Rose of Alverstoke Rosanna Burtenshaw, of Little London Lane
Sept 29th, 1888 Edward Ridgway Bridson, of Moulsham Amy Ridgway Bridson
Oct 13th, 1888 James Moorey, of Lewes Mary Ann Susan Simmons, Brook Street
Dec 22nd, 1888 George Frederick Martin (South Hackney) Emma White, Warden Court
Dec 22nd, 1888 William Tullett, Brainsmead Clara Emily Kidby
Dec 25th, 1888 Clement Charles Avery Mary Ann Scrace
Dec 25th, 1888 At Worth Church Henry William King and Ellen King
Feb 23rd, 1889 Edward Carey Elizabeth Sparshott
May 4th, 1889 Abraham Neale Martha Hall
July 21st, 1889 Thomas Henry Thompson, Moorfields Margaret Jane McNish, The Wyllies
Aug 3rd, 1889 Samuel Lewis Smith Alice Lavinia Barker
Sept 14th, 1889 James Lamyman Wilson (South Bersted) Fanny Mitchell
Oct 3rd, 1889 at S. Gabriel’s, Warwick Square Asgil Horatio Colville Emily Sergison, S. Edmunds Hill, Bury St Edmunds
Nov 22nd, 1889 at Holy Trinity Church, Forest Row Charles George Morris, Ashurstwood Mary Ann Grynyer, Bedlam Cottage
Nov 30th, 1889 Thomas Edward Butler Frances Tekell
Dec 25th, 1889 at Lindfield Frederick William Manville Agnes Gladman, Little London
Jan 11th, 1890 Frederick Hughes Clara Waterman, Jubilee Cottages
Feb 23rd, 1890 at St Wilfrid’s Charles Smith Elizabeth Kate Faulkner, Whiteman’s Green
Apr 3rd, 1890 Arthur Denman Bailey, Haywards Heath Sarah Norris Gander, Paines Place
Apr 9th, 1890 Henry Bowell, Whiteman’s Green Anne Hixon
Apr 19th, 1890 Charles Tester Lois Longhurst
Apr 26th, 1890 George Henry Beard Rosina Mitchell, Brook Street
Apr 26th, 1890 William Arthur Brookshaw Frances Elizabeth Carey
May 3rd, 1890 Joseph Tomblin, Deaks Harriet Reed
May 3rd, 1890 Henry French Ann Henley
May 5th, 1890 Albert Croucher Ellen Lewry, Cleaver’s Lane
May 17th, 1890 Walter George Hills Alice Sayers, Iron Pear Tree
June 7th, 1890 Arthur Raymond Stoner, Rustington Frances Martha Standing
June 16th, 1890 Frank Gladman, Rottingdean Georgina Stoner
Aug 6th, 1890 Joseph Henry Russell Bailey Edith Elma Sergison
Sept 13th, 1890 James Bristow Kate Elizabeth Haylor
Sept 13th, 1890 James Leney Sarah Medhurst, of Worthing
Sept 20th, 1890 William Archibald Bonnell Marion Emily Woollan, Warden Court
Sept 27th, 1890 John Henry Randell, widower Emily Newble, S.Leonards, Streatham
Oct 25th, 1890 Obed Upton Minnie Sarah Bowles
Oct 25th, 1890 Thomas Pelling Mercy Jupp, Pickwell
Nov 20th, 1890 at S.Mary’s, Reading Richard Worsley of Broxmead Frances Pendlebury Dowson
Dec 13th, 1890 Richard Payne of Hammerwood Mary Jane Goddard, Highlands
Dec 31st, 1890 Edward Wesley Tebbs of Brighton Minnie Amelia Gander, Paine’s Place
Feb 2nd, 1891 William Homewood of Newick Emma Norris
Mar 28th, 1891 William Britt Elizabeth Fraser of Woodcroft
Mar 28th, 1891 Edward Champ of Coolhurst Emma Cooper, Cleaver’s Lane
Apr 11th, 1891 Thomas Henry Chatfield of Stapelfield Julia Henrietta Stoner
Apr 17th, 1891 William White Adela Sarah Godsmark of Ansty
June 2nd, 1891 Charles William Bowley Elizabeth Steer, Burgess Hill
June 24th, 1891

At St Peter’s, Eaton Square

Charles Warden Sergison Florence Emma Louise Hanbury-Tracy

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