Quarter Sessions


Abraham Chatfield, Apr 1790
Sentence of transportation: CHATFIELD Abraham, Cuckfield – 7 yrs

William Morley, July 1830
Animals,Maiming of: Morley, William, Cuckfield(colt)

George Brigden, Feb 1835
Prisoner, Escape of: Brigden, George, Cuckfield (attempt to prevent arrest)

George Martin, Oct 1839
Sentence of transportation: MARTIN George, 36, Cuckfield – 10yrs

John Nelson, June 1840
Sentence of transportation: NELSON, John, 22, labourer, Cuckfield, poisonings animals – 15yrs

John Wymark al. MarkwicK, Jan 1841
Sentence of transportation: WYMARK al. MARKWICK John, 17, labourer, Cuckfield – 7yrs

Charles Bartley al. Picknell, Jan 1849
Sentence of transportation: BARTLEY al. PICKNELL Charles, 24, butcher, Cuckfield – 10yrs

James Hayler, Nov 1850
Sentence of transportation: HAYLER, James, 46, labourer, Cuckfield – 7yrs


William Martin, 1785
Removal Order: William and Mary MARTIN and children, Wonersh to Cuckfield, Sussex


Thos. Holloway, 1824
Examination of Thos. HOLLOWAY; "…it was the first Offence of the kind he had ever committed, And that he was drove to it by distress and hunger, and that he was never in any Prison in his Life. That he is a native of Cuckfield in Sussex and by occupation a Bricklayers Labourer and that he left London about three Weeks ago to go to Liverpool".


Jane Cooper, 1844
Salford and Cuckfield, Sussex. Instructions for motion that appeal against order of removal of Jane COOPER and children be entered and respited.
Salford to Cuckfield, co Sussex. Depositions: Eaxmination of Jane COOPER, widow of Henry Cooper, with order of removal of Jane Cooper and Ann, Henry and Martha her children
Salford and Cuckfield, co. Sussex. Bill of costs of appeal of overseers against order of removal of Jane Cooper and children.

The West Sussex Advertiser reports: "April 16th, 1790. Abraham Chatfield was sentenced to seven years’ transportation for stealing one bushel of wheat in the chaff from the barn of John Coppard of Cuckfield. He was 22 years old, of previously good character, had a wife and one child and another daily expected"

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