Snippets from Newspapers

Stamford Mercury: 3 October 1719: The Commissioners of the Bankrupts intend to make a dividend of the estate of Edward Steel in Sussex, Mercer, on 24th October next, at Guildhall, London.

Kentish Weekly Post. 12 January 1745: Last Thursday morning the house of Michael Niddleton, Esq; was broken open and robbed of Money, Plate and Linnen to the value of £300 and notwithstanding a hue and cry was that morning sent round the County the rogues found means to escape with their booty.

Sussex Advertiser 30 January 1758: Cuckfield Jan 25, Yesterday being the Birth Day of Frederick King of Prussia, the Morning was usher’d in with ringing of Bells, and the Day celebrated with the usual Demonstration of Joy: In the Evening there were Bonfires, Firing of Guns, and the Illuminations in the Windows of Houses. The Gentlemen and principal Inhabitants met at the King’s Head where there was a Concert of Musick, and the Healths of his Majesty King George, the Royal Family, the King of Prussia, Prince Bevern, and Prince Ferdinand of Brunswick, with many other loyal Healths, were cheerfully drank, and the whole Affair was conducted with Decorum.

Sussex Advertiser. 20 August 1759:On Friday last being the Day that Miss Sergison, daughter of Thomas Sergison, Esq, of Cuckfield Place in this County, came of Age, the Morning was ushered in by ringing of Bells, etc and all the neighbouring Gentry were invited to a grand Entertainment at Dinner, during which Time the Company were most agreeably diverted by a concert finely performed by a select Band from London; and the Afternoon was spent with great Joy and Felicity; in the Evening a Ball was opened by a great Concourse of brilliant Gentlemen and Ladies. A Hoghead of string Beer was placed without the Gates of the House for the Populace, who were very numerous on the Occasion, and the whole was conducted and carried on with great Decency.

Sussex Advertiser. 8 October 1759 Last Thursday in the Evening, died, greatly lamented, at Cuckfield Place, the Seat of Thomas Sergison, Esq; Member of Parliament for the Borough of Lewes, Mrs Langford, Wife of Charles Langford, Esq; and eldest Daughter of the said Thomas Sergison, Esq.

Sussex Advertiser. 14 January 1760 Wanted immediately, for: A Housekeeper to a single Gentleman with a small Family, a plain Woman between between forty and fifty Years of Age, that has been Cook in some good Family, and can send up a Dinner properly. She must be well recommended for Honesty, Sobriety, and Economy, and likewise for her good Behaviour, Wages 10 pounds a Year: None need apply but those who’s Characters will bear the strictest Enquiry. For further Particulars apply to Mr Charles Griffith, Mercer, at Cuckfield in Sussex.

The Sussex Weekly Advertiser. January 1760: To be let, and entered upon at Lady Day next: The Kings Head Inn, at Cuckfield in this County, now in the occupation of John Peckham. For particulars enquire of Mr. Francis Chasmore, Attorney, of Cuckfield aforesaid; or Mr Richard Cardin, Merchant, of Lewis.

Sussex Advertiser. 20 July 1761: Second Notice. The following Persons being Persons for debt in the Sheriff’s Gaol or Prison at Horsham in the County of Sussex, do hereby give notice, that they intend to take the Benefit of an Act of Parliament, passed in the first Year of the Reign of the present Majesty King George the Third, an Act of Parliament for the Relief of Insolvent Debtors, at the next General Quarter Sessions of the Peace, to be held for the said County, which shall happen next after thirty days from the publication hereof. John Batchellor, formerly of Rusper in the County of Sussex, late of Cuckfield in the said County, Blacksmith.

Sussex Advertiser. 28 February, 1763: To be LETT, And entered on at Michaelmas next, The TAN-YARD, at Brook-Street int he Parish of Cuckfield. For further Particulars enquire of Mr. Samuel Boys, of the same Place, Attorney at Law.

Leeds Intelligencer. 3 March, 1767: BANKRUPTS. –James Norden, of Cuckfield, in Sussex, Iron-master.

Sussex Advertiser. 23 December 1782: Smith, the person committed to Horsham gaol for burglariously breaking into the house of Mr. Harffey, of Cuckfield, as mentioned in our last, also broke into the house of one W. Thomas, a labourer at Cuckfield, on the same night, and stole thereout such articles as he could find of any value. He stands committed for both the burglaries.
James and Sarah Roland, father and daughter, are also committed to the above gaol, for receiving from Smith a part of the goods stolen from Mr Haffey’s shop.

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