The Fallen

Cuckfield is no different to any other town or village in the country in being proud to honour those who died for their country in times of war.

The following are recorded on the war memorial in the churchyard, by the north door of Holy Trinity Church, on which is inscribed:

To our four brothers
resting in South Africa
and for those who have
returned in peace
Thanks be to God


Frank Bleach
Benjamin Brookshaw
Mark Gravett
Peter Mitchell

The following are recorded on the war memorial in the churchyard, by the south door of Holy Trinity Church, which has the following inscription:

Let us hold
in grateful
whose names are
here recorded
who having left
their homes
at the call of
king and country
to fight for God
and the right
gave up
their own lives
that others might
live in freedom

They are also recorded on a memorial inside the Church, on the wall by the South door, on which is inscribed:


They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the Sun and in the morning
We will remember them.


Roll of Honour, Cuckfield War Memorial

Frederick C Anscombe 1917
John M Ansell 1917
James Attree 1917
Ernest Attwater 1918
Arthur J Ballard 1918
Frank Bates 1915
Jack Bates 1918
George E Bennett 1915
George E Botting 1917
Thomas C Bourne 1914
Alfred R Burness 1915
Cecil A Bowell 1917
William Bowley 1915
Joseph Card 1915
Hubert W Cartner 1916
Frank Chatfield 1915
Albert Chinnery 1917
Albert Croucher 1916
Thomas H Dance 1918
Ellis A Dancy 1917
William H Dancy 1915
Charles F Doick 1916
Harry Etherton 1918
Wilfred F Fisher 1917
George Franks 1917
Leonard Funnell 1917
Jesse Gander 1915
George Gibson 1916
Edward J Hayward 1918
Albert J Henley 1918
Ambrose Henley 1918
Ernest Henley 1915
Frank Henley 1914
Thomas Henley 1916
Arthur E Holden 1917
Arnold W Huckett 1915
Oliver S Huckett 1918
George Izzard 1916
Albert Keep 1916
Henry T Knapp 1918
Ernest Lander 1918
William R Lelliott 1918
Mark Longhurst 1916
E Whitaker Lowndes 1915
Edward L Lyon 1916
Joseph W Markwick 1917
James Matthews 1915
Hugh G Mertens 1918
Thomas Mitchell 1915
W Holford Mitchell 1917
William W H Mitchell 1917
David H C Monro 1916
Percy E Morfee 1917
George H Murrell 1917
Ernest S Pateman 1917
Jesse Pelling 1918
Alfred U Pennifold 1917
Charles W Randell 1914
Stuart K Reid 1918
William Rhodes 1917
James F Ridley 1917
Arthur Robinson 1915
Frank S Rowland 1917
James Rowland 1917
Sidney Scott 1918
Albert E Selby 1918
Charles Selby 1918
Percy H Selby 1917
William G Selby 1914
Alfred E Smith 1915
Cyril R Smith 1916
Harry Smith 1915
G Eric Stevens 1916
Harcourt C Turner 1917
Horace Upton 1914
Nathan Upton 1915
Lawrance Upton 1917
George W Vickers 1916
Charles H Webber 1914
Edward Williams 1915
A Franklin Young 1918


A Beesley
G N Bishop
J B Brigden
R Buchanan
B A Clack
J H Davis
J Gadd
F H W Hoadley
T J Jeffrey (H.G)
W Liddle
L H Pratt
G G Reeve
J F V Saunders
R Upton

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