Snippets from Parish Magazines

January 1883: "A Retrospect" – Entering the venerable edifice by the north porch …. let us examine the numerous wall-tablets in memoriam; first, on either side of the door, those to the two immediate predecessors of our since departed Pastor Astley; and hard by, those to the Shelleys ….

Pass on my friend, and study if you will, the genealogy of the Wardens; of Stewards Green, and the D’Arlisons, of Blankfield Place, and the grand old family of the Warrells, as recorded on the walls! How we are told that in 1415 one of their loyal ancestors accompanied Henry V to France with so many archers; and read of Gerald and Ninian, and Peter Warrell, of Beckenham, and the daughters who married dukes by the dozen; and of Percy, slain at Buenos Ayres, and I wonder whose was that ancient helmet that rears its crest above the chancel? ….

Let us have a look outside for a few minutes. I have always dearly loved a quiet saunter around the ancient church-yard. There lie the Cluttens – you don’t often travel by coach to London via Reigate, or you’d know where Hartswood is – and the Wallers; and almost hidden now by the huge laurels, is the tomb of Lord Erskine, the second; and the Junipers and he Jenners ….

February 1883: "A Retrospect" (cont) – …. and Bedlam Pond again, one winter, was frozen all too thin for poor little Milton Harsant’s slender weight. I could show you exactly where the ice broke and let the poor child under.

Now, across Court Mead, and let us see who’s at home in the village. There is Stammer, the clerk, on his crutches, and in that little cottage adjoining, just lives (and that’s all) poor old Margaret Smith, up to the very eyes in her only luxury, snuff – and the old woman’s constant prayer and hope is that she may not be compelled to die in the Workhouse.

June 1883: Ascension Day Choir Boys’ Cricket Match.
W Black
J Black
Charlie Miles
W Rist
Charles Blaber
George Mitchell
A Bachelor
W Bleach
Ernest Morfee
F Burtenshaw
J Tester
A Parsons
E Neale
W Jenner
A Geere
Fred Lewin
Edward Rist
Fred Tester
A Simmons
F Rist
F Rogers
J Scrace
F Fox
H Upton
C Croucher
Frank Lewin
F Cooper

August 1883: The South Porch is rapidly approaching completion and is generally much admired. The discovery during the progress of the work of a small Holy Water stoup, or shallow stone basin, built into the wall, has created some little interest. This Holy Water stoup will be carefully preserved and placed in the wall within the Porch in its original position as nearly as can be ascertained.

August 1883: The old Font – The Rev T F Fearon, vicar of Cuckfield in the early part of this century, found the pieces of it in the Belfry. He had it carefully cemented together and restored to its original use. It seems probable that it had been broken in pieces by Cromwell’s army, when his cavalry were quartered in our Church.

August 1888:The Vicar and Churchwardens after hearing Mr J Goode Smith play the organ on the 15th, have offered him the vacant post of Organist.

Horticultural Show:- Mr Bevan’s prizes for the best and neatest gardens in this Parish have been awarded as follows:- 1st, to James Gaston, Pilsty; 2nd, Mark Lelliott, Broad Street; 3rd Emery Sayers, Brainsmead; 4th, Henry Faulkner, High Street.

September 1888:Cuckfield sustains the loss by the departure of General and Mrs Chichester. They have always taken a kind interest in everything that was for the good of the Parish and will be sorely missed. Tentercroft has been taken by Mr Henry J Gibbs.

December 1888: Our Late Organist:- Mr Alfred White, has been presented with a handsome silver salver "in recognition of his long services as organist of the Parish Church." The presentation was made by the Churchwardens, on behalf of the subscribers, at Warden Court, with many earnest wishes for his recovery.

June 1889: Mr Lindley begs to be remembered in the prayers of the faithful during the week, Whitsun week, before his ordination.

Oct 1889: We are sorry to lose the services of Mr G Bunting, who has acted as deputy-organist here. He has been appointed organist of Bolney Church, and commences his duties there on November 17th

April 1891:It is hoped that next month a great and long-felt need will be supplied, and that one who is well known and much liked in the Parish will undertake the nursing of our sick people at very moderate charges. Miss Mary Stoner, of the Old Mill, has been going through the course of training prescribed by the Central Association of Nursing in Brighton. She has received high testimonials from those under whom she has been working, stating that she possesses the necessary qualifications. When not engaged in nursing the poor, she may be employed as a Nurse by others.

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