Acknowledgements and Further Reading


I would like to thank the following for their help, advice and information that has been invaluable:

Mrs Phylllis Bowring for information about the Independent State of Cuckfield.

Frances Stenlake for contributing an article on Mid Sussex Suffragettes

Reverend Nick Wetherall, Vicar of Holy Trinity, for allowing me borrow and copy from parish registers and parish magazines.

Paul Graydon for his assistance in designing and implementing the site.

If I have inadvertently used an image over which you have copyright please let the Webmaster know, including evidence of ownership, and I shall remove it from the database.

If you are interested in reading more about Cuckfield there are some excellent books available including:

A History of the Parish Church of Holy Trinity Cuckfield by Joyce Donoghue

Mid Sussex Suffragettes by Frances Stenlake

Cuckfield Remembered by Shirley Bond

Chronicle of Cuckfield by Maisie Wright

A Century Ago (Cuckfield in 1897) by Alan Miller

A Dictonary of the Sussex Dialect by The Rev. W D Parish

Education in Cuckfield by Joan Ward

A Small Town at War (1917 in Mid Sussex) by Alan Miller

The West Sussex Village Book by Tony Wales

Haunted Sussex Today by Andrew Green

Sussex Ghosts and Legends by Tony Wales

Cuckfield in Old Picture Postcards by M Wright

A History of the Sussex People by Chris Hare

Ghosts of Sussex by Judy Middleton

From Pyecombe to Cuckfield by Mark Dudeney and Eileen Hallett

A Picture of Mid-Sussex published by West Sussex County Council

The Hidden Places of Sussex published by Travel Publishing Ltd

The Companion Guide to Kent and Sussex by Keith Spence

Sussex Coroners’ Inquests 1485-1558, 1558-1603, 1603-1688 by R F Hunnisett

Census data – British Crown copyright

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