Remember Me?

Have you lost contact with people you went to school with, lived next door to? I have started this page in the hope that it will help people to get in touch with each other.

If you wish to look for someone or just ask if anyone remembers you, drop me an
e-mail asking to be included on the Remember Me page and I will put it up for you!!

The Gordon Family lived at 9 Mytten Close from 1963-1983. I went to Warden Park School from 1975-1980. I love Cuckfield and still miss it. As a family, we were pretty well known. My father was Captain Luis Gordon. Remember me? Paul Gordon
Paul Gordon

I was born and adopted in Cuckfield. I was given the name David 12th of February 1965. Does any one remember me???????????? Michael Valentine

I went to school with Ann Thomson who used to live in Diamond Cottage, Cuckfield. She would have been born about 40 years ago. I can’t remember her married name. I would love to get in touch with her Fiona Downie

My dear friends I was at Cuckfield Park as a Domestic Science college about 1958-1959. I wonder if anyone remembers me! My maiden name was Ann Milner. May God bless you, yours and all you serve! Love Ann Turner Now of Huddersfield, Yorkshire

My name is Dennis Shaw and my parents were Ernest and Dora Ellen (Dob) Shaw and we all lived in the Corner House from about 1940 till 1956 then we moved to Glebe Road when they demolished the corner house. I went to school in the Cuckfield Church of England the old school near the Church. My wife and myself have been back on several occasions to visit Cuckfield and see Evelyn Stenning who still lives in Whiteman Green Cottages with her mother. Dennis

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